Dispute Resolution / Litigation
We have litigated on literally every aspect of South African contract law, including everything from financial services to property law, and there is not a single legal argument related to these areas of law that we have not seen or expeditiously dealt with. We are trusted to represent the largest financial institutions and corporates in the country in this respect. Allow us to represent you too.
Are you buying or selling a property? Do you need advice on the special conditions or terms of the offer to purchase? Let one of our skilled and experienced conveyancers assist you with all aspects related to the sale or purchase of your home, from legal advice on the offer to purchase to the registration of transfer.
Corporate & Commercial Law
Our corporate and commercial lawyers are top-tier professionals able to assist you with everything from the initial purchase of your business to the eventual listing thereof – and whatever else might be required in between. Whether you need a family trust or an empowerment trust, speak to us today.
Banking & Financial Law
We have represented financial institutions continuously for more than 80 years and are conceivably best known for our proven track record in banking and financial services law. This remains a core focus of our practise, as we continue to build and expand on the skill and experience gained in this specialist field – skill and experience that is similarly available to you.
Additional Services
Apart from those services mentioned elsewhere on this page, we have over time expanded our offering to include a full and comprehensive range of legal services. Whatever the nature of the legal assistance you require, give us a call.