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With more than 30 professionals across four major branches in South Africa,
we are one of South Africa’s oldest and most respected law firms.

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We provide skilled expertise to select clientele, ranging
from large corporates to individuals.

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and
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Tim du Toit & Co Incorporated is a leading law firm and authority on commercial, litigation and property law in South Africa, specialising in the corporate and financial services industries. We provide skilled expertise to select clientele, ranging from large corporates to individuals . We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and personal service offering to our clients, assisting with the navigation of legal and regulatory complexities whilst fostering an environment of confidence, success and peace of mind.

We may be one of the longest-serving law firms in the country, but we are still driven by an innovative, entrepreneurial mind-set that focuses on providing quality value contribution to all of our clients.

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We offer counsel across all practice areas, with a specialist focus on commercial, litigation and property law within the corporate and financial industries in South Africa.

Dispute Resolution / Litigation

We have litigated on literally every aspect of South African contract law, including everything from financial services to property law, and there is not a single legal argument related to these areas of law that we have not seen or expeditiously dealt with. We are trusted to represent the largest financial institutions and corporates in the country in this respect. Allow us to represent you too.

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Are you buying or selling a property? Do you need advice on the special conditions or terms of the offer to purchase, or do you need to understand the implications of the title conditions applicable to a property? Let one of our skilled and experienced conveyancers assist you with all aspects related to the sale or purchase of your home or commercial property, from legal advice on the offer to purchase to the registration of transfer.

If you are a property developer considering your next project, speak to us first. We have been the driving force behind some of South Africa’s largest and most successful residential property developments, assisting with everything from the initial land use management and zoning applications, to the subsequent sub-divisions, consolidations and transfer of individual properties. Our experience and expertise will prove invaluable, right from the conceptual stages of a project to final transfer.

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Corporate & Commercial Law

Our corporate and commercial lawyers are top-tier professionals able to assist you with everything from the initial purchase of your business to the eventual listing thereof – and whatever else might be required in between. Whether you want to venture into business for the first time, or unwind a complicated corporate structure after decades in business, speak to us today.

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Banking & Financial Law

We have represented South Africa’s largest financial institutions continuously for more than 90 years and are conceivably best known for our proven track record in banking and financial services law. This remains a core focus of our practice, as we continue to build and expand on the skill and experience gained in this specialist field – skill and experience that is similarly available to you.

How can we assist you?

Additional Services

We have over time expanded our offering to include a full and comprehensive range of legal services. Whatever the nature of the legal assistance you require, give us a call.

How can we assist you?

We have a level 1 B-BBEE rating from Empowerdex (Pty) Ltd, an approved SANAS B-BBEE Verification Agency.

The transformation of South African society on all levels remains a priority of the highest order if South Africa is to fully realise its immense economic and social potential. To that end, we continue to embrace the principles of broad-based black economic empowerment as a prerequisite for the continued development of our firm, our profession and the country as a whole. We believe that this long term view is clearly evident in our general transformation, our skills development programs and the consistency of quality in our service, whilst we work to simultaneously address past inequality and allow for natural integration on all levels.




We are a national firm with offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion and Cape Town, with the capacity to represent our clients anywhere in the country.

Our board of directors are experts in their respective fields of practice, ensuring that we provide highly skilled services to our clientele. Diversity and gender equality shines through in the composition of our board of directors, all of whom are driven, determined and passionate attorneys with the utmost professional respect and integrity. We develop personal relationships with all of our clients and will go the extra mile to ensure that all of their needs are met with the greatest skill and care, contributing real value to our clients’ continued success.

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